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Balance out the partying with some of these exciting or relaxing activities, best suited to make your stag do weekend one to remember.
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archer aiming e1638451869912
battle archery e1638451894293
battle archery start e1638451912506
battle archery bowman e1638451932774
battle with bows e1638451947699
Experience a fun and thrilling battle of shooting arrows at your mates in a less painful variation of paintball.
From: 25€/person
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rockfish fishing
big game fishing scaled e1638454226690
pandora fish fishing big
big game fishing sunset
Spend a day fighting with the trophy-sized fish in the bountiful crystal blue waters around Hvar island.
From: 1,800€/boat
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bubble football team e1638454624449
bubble football hilarious e1638454634980
bubble football faceoff
bubble football falling e1638454645256
bubble football tackle
Experience some bouncy fun by playing the beautiful game of football in a not so beautiful suit called a body zorb.
From: 28€/person
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buggy adventure
hvar island olive lavender scaled e1638453993614
road beside sea hvar island scaled e1638454000486
hvar road village
paintball guns
quad bikes beach sea
4 - 5h
Take the quad bikes and buggies and head out on a fast-paced adventure around the island of Hvar.
From: 130€/person
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flyboarding tricks scaled e1638454015410
flyboarding fun
Try flying over the water, reach new heights and learn some tricks with the help of our instructors.
From: 85€/person
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day sail explore island
day sail friends fun
day sail guy enjoying
day sail seafood lunch
Relax on a sailboat and hang with your friends while exploring the scenic area around the island.
From: 110€/person
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jeep caravan gravel road
jeep safari hidden places
jeep safari
jeep safar abandoned stone village
5h – 6h
Explore the island of Hvar in the Land Rover Defender off-road vehicles and discover the inland of the island.
From: 130€/person
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hvar island beach
blue cave bisevo
golden horn beach brac
A classy way to discover the picturesque coast of the Adriatic, while having a good time with your friends.
From: 2,300€/boat
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paintball friends group picture
paintball shooting
paintball hiding behind tree
paintball three friends
paintball guns
Put on a soldier suit and enjoy some fast-paced competition in this extremely popular team shooting sport.
From: 25€/person
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blue cave vis
submarine bunker
red rocks
Discover the coast of Hvar or the closeby Dalmatian islands in this stylish and speedy way.
From: 100€/person
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scuba diving boat underwater
scuba diver underwater
scuba diving boat
scuba diving group underwater
scuba diver
scuba diving group
Discover what it is like to breathe underwater and explore the magical world below the ocean’s surface.
From: 130€/person
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sea kayak person
kayak beach
sea kayak group
Get all of the guys to the sea and paddle around the best attractions of the island and its surroundings.
From: 70€/person
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wakeboarding boat towed
wakeboarding hvar
Experience some adrenaline-filled fun riding the waves while being towed by a boat.
From: 85€/person
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wine tour table
wine cellar
wine authentic lunch
6 – 8h
Get your mates ready to enjoy a full-day experience of superior Hvar wines accompanied by excellent food.
From: 215€/person
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About Activities

You wake up in the morning, you feel tired from the wild night – What should you do? Just roll in bed, from one side to the other? No!

You can do that on a sailboat. Or on a yacht’s sundeck. You don’t have to rest in your hotels to get ready for another amazing night of partying, you can do something more memorable, though not as tiring instead. That way your stag weekend is full and not only half-full of amazing moments.

Additionally, relaxing is all nice and well, but you’re young and strong. You could do something much more exciting, like go speeding around the island on buggies. Or you can die of laughter while watching the stag keep flying face-first into the water trying to balance on a wakeboard.

Your energy levels don’t matter much. Make the stag weekend one to remember and fill it with fun and exciting activities throughout the day, so you’ll all be doubly ready for that party in the night.

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Let us organize an unforgettable stag do on the incredible island of Hvar to give your friend a few final nights of partying before he ties the knot.
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