How to get to Hvar

Everything you need to know about traveling to Hvar.
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Hvar is an island off the coast of Croatia and the most popular holiday destination in this region. We have gathered some information on how you can get there, and let the most sunfilled, sinful stag weekend of your life commence!

Getting to Croatia

Unless you come from Croatia’s neighbouring countries, the best option is to travel there by plane. The airport that is closest to Hvar is in Split. Other airports in the area are Brač airport, Dubrovnik airport, and Zagreb airport, but your travel will be longer and more complicated if you fly to any of these airports instead of Split.

If you’re travelling from England, you can fly to Split, Dubrovnik, and Zagreb from the airports in London, Manchester, Bristol, and Birmingham. If you want to fly from Scotland, the Edinburgh Airport offers flights to Zagreb and Dubrovnik, and you can fly to Split from Glasgow Airport.

The average prices of aeroplane tickets from major European cities range from 90 to 200 €, but you can often find good deals and pay less for your flight.

Getting to Hvar from the airport

With Hvar being an island, your journey will consist of getting from the airport to a port and then crossing the sea to get from the mainland to Hvar.

The fastest and easiest way to get to Hvar is through Split, as it has both a port and an airport. The cheapest way to get from Split airport to the port is to travel by bus. You can also rent a private taxi or a van, which will ensure a shorter drive. At the port, you can board a ferry or a private speed boat. Ferries run to and from Split throughout the day, so securing your tickets once you arrive at the port shouldn’t be a problem. The journey takes about two hours. It takes a bit over two hours to get from Split to Hvar on a ferry. If you want a private ride you can rent a speedboat, which will also get you to the island faster – in just under an hour.

Now if this sounds like a taxing journey, we promise it’s not – if you land in Split it will only take about two hours before you arrive at your accommodation on Hvar. That’s not that bad at all, is it? 

We recommend you opt for Split airport when booking your flight because it is the most convenient option for anyone heading to Hvar. There are alternatives, which are listed below, so you can still get to Hvar even if you can’t fly to Split, but the journey will be a bit longer and slightly more complicated.

Dubrovnik is another option. If you’re flying to Dubrovnik you will be able to catch a direct ferry or private boat to Hvar from Dubrovnik Port, but you will still need to find a shuttle from the airport to the port. The ferry from Dubrovnik takes about four hours to get to Hvar, and the fare costs 230 Kn (30 €).

The closest airport is on Brač, Hvar’s neighbouring island, but it is only appropriate for charter flights, which makes it a non-option for most people. The ferry from Brač to Hvar takes an hour and fifteen minutes.

Let us take care of your journey

We make our living by organizing activities, accommodation, and other logistics for small and large groups, so we’re pretty good at it. Instead of wasting time trying to find the best transportation in a country that you don’t know, let us do it for you.

We will rent a minibus or van from one of our reliable partners, and organize a ferry ride or a private boat to transport you to the island. This way you can be certain there won’t be any complications, delays, unexpectedly high bus fares, or frantic attempts to find the right public bus before it leaves.

Getting around Hvar

As for the activities on your itinerary, we will arrange whatever transportation is necessary because Hvar is a relatively big island. Otherwise, the centre is completely walkable, so you will be able to get from the party to your bed and from your bed to the beach on foot.
If you get a sudden urge to explore the island on your own for a bit, you can always rent a scooter. There are also taxis on the island, so you can always catch a ride if you need to. Just remember that all the registered taxi services in Croatia have to have a yellow “TAXI” sign on all their vehicles.

Let us organize an unforgettable stag do on the incredible island of Hvar to give your friend a few final nights of partying before he ties the knot.
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