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The sunniest island of Croatia

Hvar is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea. As part of Croatia, it is in the EU. The official language of Croatia is Croatian, but most younger people speak English very well. The official currency is Kuna (HRK), but many places accept EUR, especially in more touristy areas.

Dubbed Croatia’s sunniest island, it is Hvar’s Mediterranean climate that ensures endless sunshine and almost no rain, with refreshing breezes blowing from the sea as a welcome break from the summer heat. Hvar is one of the few Croatian islands with freshwater springs and a large fertile plain. This means that there is lots of vegetation and lots of shade to sleep off your wild nights.

hvar island beach
A beach on Hvar island

An island with endless opportunities

Hvar is a rare destination that manages to join incredibly clear seas, beautiful beaches, and pristine nature, with a wide array of opportunities for entertainment and partying. Wherever you are, the serenity of nature, the good vibes of a beach bar, and the excitement of a club are always just a short walk away. 

This is another huge plus of Hvar – getting around the island is easy. In most cases, you can walk from the old city centre to the place you’re staying. So, worrying about driving your rental car after you’ve had a few drinks or fussing about finding a ride in the middle of the night is not on the agenda!

What is on the agenda is epic natural scenery, sipping cocktails and dancing to live music in beach bars till sunset, and partying in amazing clubs till sunrize. 

But it’s not just the things available to you on Hvar – the attractions surrounding it make Hvar an even more amazing destination! Pakleni islands is an archipelago made up of 18 Robinson-like islands that are located just a short boat ride away from Hvar. Lounge on paradise-like beaches during the day, dine at a traditional Croatian “konoba” restaurant in the evening before experiencing the thrill of the whole island turning into a club before your very eyes. 

hulahula saxophone dance party
People from all around the world flock into Hvar’s clubs

World-class celebrities and friendly locals

With all that, it is clear why Hvar is an immensely popular tourist destination. Even the likes of Beyonce, Oprah, Brad Pitt, and Prince Harry have vacationed here! Think of it as a boutique version of Ibiza, except that it comes at half the price and without mass tourism.

Croatians are open and relaxed people and are well known for their hospitality. But since Hvar is such a popular destination, you can also find a diverse international crowd to hang out with.

An affordable way to enjoy your stag weekend

The prices on Hvar vary – supermarkets on the island generally charge the same as those in the rest of Croatia, meaning that groceries are a bit cheaper than in northern and western Europe. But where you can really save your pennies is in bars and clubs, which are much more affordable than similar spots in western European cities.

Hvar’s typical cuisine incorporates a lot of delicious freshly-caught seafood. Most restaurant menus also include some staple Balkan meat dishes such as cevapcici. As for beverages, Croatians like to enjoy their beer anywhere they might be, so drinking in public places is completely legal!

There really isn’t much more to say, the only thing left for you to do is to come to Hvar and experience it for yourself.

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